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Green Soil® Blossom Booster – Long Lasting All Natural Mineral Fertilizer for Hemp and Cannabis - Indoor and Outdoor Use.
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I flowered a bud of Lilac Diesel from Ethos Genetics. Used your product, in combination with terp tea dry nutrients and Malibu organic soil under LED. No wet nutrients, 100% organic. The effects knock us on our butts, incredibly potent. We all agree it is very strong and we don’t consume much in one sitting.
Judie / Matt
I'm a first time user of Green Soil Blossom Booster. I was amazed how easy it was to use. A one time application and then just water. My crops looked healthy through the whole grow season. I would and will recommend this fertilizer to everyone - it works awesomely! Thank you
MattGervais, Editor Michigan Marijuana Report Magazine
We jumped at the chance to help distribute a natural method of providing our favorite plant with nutrients. As Michigan's oldest running marijuana magazine we have seen many products for growers come and go, but Blossom Booster was so unique it really caught our eye. With grow shops now carrying it in Clio, Bay City, Waterford, and most recently Beaverton, with more on the way, it is only a matter of time until the world spreads about the ease of use and higher yields.
Terry Rasch
Sending you this e-mail to thank you for your product Blossom Booster. The product is beyond my expectations. The quick response and delivery of the product as well as you directions for use where amazing. But beyond that was the results. The increase in quantity and quality of growth of my plants is beyond belief. Thank You. Thank You
Laura Mccabe
A big thank you to the Green Soil team and it’s amazing product! Since using this fertilizer, I have reduced my work and increased my output! I now only fertilize when planting new plants and my harvest is bigger and better than ever! I also, for the first time, experience volunteer plants which I’ve never had before and is a great surprise each year saving even more money. I have recommended this product to everyone who has seen my garden and is amazed at the size of my plants!
Brett Dillon
Hey guys my name is Trey Dillon and I’ve been using your green soil bloom boosting powder with great results and can’t find anything quite like it. I would love to buy some more of your product for my fellow growers. I have been recommending it to a lot of people. I was looking for it and it is not a product I can’t find anywhere else. If I could purchase more that would be great! Let me know what’s up. Thank you guys
THOMAS Schliemann
Employee I talked to was very knowledgeable and helpful, product worked great, plants are healthy and green, I would recommend this to anyone Tom/S O'Fallon, Mo.
Marie F/St Louis MO
The employees are professional and share information on best maintaining my plants. They are quick and efficient and leave me with very green and healthy plants.
Levon Peetz
This is in regard to a small sample size of the effects of Green Soil on the growth of cannabis plants. The sample size consisted of 3 Plants grown with GS and supplemental nutrients, 3 with GS and water only, and 2 control plants with only plain water. All plants were in the same soil type (Crushed coconut core and perlite with no added nutrients.) and watered in the same interval. The control plants, as expected, showed early signs of nutrient deficiency and low nutrient uptake within two weeks from the start of the study. They quickly were undersized and unhealthy, and had to be given nutrients as not to waste the effort of growing them. The 3 plants grown with GS and a combination of other nutrients (Mostly just nitrogen) were quite vigorous, and more importantly did not show any signs of nutrient burn or signs of excess nutrients. These were the most vigorous of the study, and showed no signs of deficiency through their growth cycle. The 3 plants grown with GS alone grew fine through the first 2-3 weeks of the study, but soon showed signs of nitrogen deficiency and yellowing of the large water leaves. Prompting me to add a small supplement of nitrogen to push them through into later stages of flower. All plants were given the same 90g dose of GS mixed into the soil at the last transplant before flowering, and all were in the same size (15gl) container. Overall, Green Soil showed very promising results, with the plants given GS alone showing 10% more yield than those grown with only minimum nutrients, and those given the mixture of GS and other nutrients showed an impressive 15-18% increase in yield over the ones given minimal nutrients. These results lead me to believe that, with the proper addition of nitrogen, GS is a fine addition to gardens to increase bud density and bud hardness, as well as allowing one to cut back the number of supplemental sources of phosphorus.
Blossom Booster
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